One Year Into the HP Catalyst Initiative Work with Inservice STEM Teachers

It has been nearly a year since we began working with biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics teachers at Kenya High (a national girls school) and Nairobi School (a national boys school) in integrating technology into their teaching practice through our HP Catalyst Initiative project.  Four teachers at each of the schools were given HP tablet computers and project team members at Kenyatta University held several workshops with the teachers to get them started in thinking about ways to use technology as a teaching tool.  During July, September and October we observed each of the teachers teach a lesson where they integrated technology in some way into the lesson, and debriefed with the teachers after the lessons.

Friday, January 6, 2012, we had a workshop at Kenyatta University with all of the teachers where they shared with us about their use, results and challenges in using technology in their classrooms.  It is exciting to see how the teachers have taken ownership of their learning and are exploring and using many ideas.  In many cases, students are also engaged in using the tablet computers to locate resources and demonstrate concepts.  We are continuing to work with these teachers and their colleagues in the coming year and looking for ways to expand our reach and obtain additional funding.

About Joanna Masingila

Joanna Masingila is Dean of the School of Education and Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education at Syracuse University. She was a Fulbright Scholar to Kenyatta University in 1998, and since that time Syracuse University and Kenyatta University have an institutional linkage.
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