Research Studies

Research studies in the following areas were carried out:

•  Teaching Practice—H. Ayot, P. Kamina, M. Ochanji, S. Ondigi

•  Teachers Integrating Technology into their Classroom Practice—A. Foley, D. Khatete, J. Masingila, J. Maundu, S. Ndethiu, N. Twoli

•  Literacy Benchmarks in Kenyan Secondary Schools—A. Bwire, A. Gathumbi, Z. Roy-Campbell

•  Mentoring for Prospective Teachers—A. Bwire, J. Maundu, M. Ochanji, N. Twoli

•  Supporting All Learners: How is Inclusion Working in Kenyan Schools?—H. Ayot, A. Gathumbi, J. Kimemia, S. Ondigi

•  How Secondary School Teachers Deal with Large Classes—D. Khatete, J. Masingila, M. Miheso-O’Connor, S. Ndethiu, K. Nikiporuk

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