Multimedia Case Studies

We are creating multimedia case studies to be used with prospective secondary teachers to enable them to reflect on the teaching and learning in Kenyan secondary classrooms.  These case studies are at our blog, Multimedia Case Studies in a Kenyan Context; the videos are password protected to allow them to be used only for educational purposes in teacher preparation. Please contact Joanna Masingila at if you would like the password.

Cases Created Thus Far

•  Biology Lesson on Cell Division

•  Biology Lesson on Respiration

•  Biology Lesson on Transport in Plants

•  Chemistry Lesson on Classification of Substances

•  Chemistry Lesson on Electrolytes and Non-electrolytes

•  Chemistry Lesson on Titration

•  English Lesson on Listening and Speaking

•  English Lesson on Oral Literature

•  German Lesson on Pronunciation

•  Mathematics Lesson on Formulae

•  Mathematics Lesson on Histograms

•  Mathematics Lesson on Latitude and Longitude

•  Mathematics Lesson on Pi

•  Mathematics Lesson on the Law of Sines

•  Physics Lesson on Cathode Ray Tubes

•  Physics Lesson on Electrical Circuits

•  Physics Lesson on the Lens Formula

•  Physics Lesson on Linear Motion

•  Physics Lesson on Simple Machines

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