SU SOE Board of Visitors at Kenyatta University

Several members of the Syracuse University School of Education Board of Visitors spent 10 days in Kenya to help celebrate 10 years of ‘Cuse in Kenya activities. One day was spent at Kenyatta University to learn about the collaborative work that has been going on since 1998.

Joanna Masingila, Adelheid Bwire, Agnes Gathumbi, and Marguerite Miheso O’Connor presented to the Board of Visitors about the collaborative work of the Syracuse University School of Education and the Kenyatta University Department of Educational Communication and Technology.

Adelheid Bwire presenting

Agnes Gathumbi presenting

Marguerite Miheso O’Connor presenting

After lunch, Brent Elder and Erick Okach presented on their collaborative work around inclusive education in primary education in two communities in western Kenya.

Brent Elder presenting

Erick Okach and Brent Elder presenting

Group photo

Joanna Masingila and two Kenyatta University students interested in studying at Syracuse University

About Joanna Masingila

Joanna Masingila is Dean of the School of Education and Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education at Syracuse University. She was a Fulbright Scholar to Kenyatta University in 1998, and since that time Syracuse University and Kenyatta University have an institutional linkage.
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