A Follow-up Workshop on Using Multimedia Case Studies in Teacher Education

On June 30, 2014, we had a follow-up workshop for science educators on using multimedia case studies in teacher education. We previously had a two-day workshop for mathematics and science educators on this topic in June 2013. The mathematics educator at Kenyatta University, Dr. Marguerite Miheso-O’Connor, is currently completing a post-doc at University of Witswatersrand in South Africa and was thus not able to participate in the follow-up workshop.

Each of the science teacher educators shared how he had used multimedia case studies or video lessons with pre-service or in-service teachers. These teacher educators had used videos in a variety of ways: (a) showing a clip in class and then leading a discussion, (b) having students view a video clip outside of class and answer some reflective questions, and (c) using video clips with in-service teachers to have them begin seeing different teaching practices (e.g., integrating technology in teaching). The teacher educators made concrete plans in the workshop for two different ways they will incorporate video lessons in their courses during the next year.

Nick Twoli and Gichuhi Waweru view a video clip
Michael Waititu shares his plan for the coming year
David Khatete listens to another participant
Peter Rugano, doctoral student in science education at Syracuse University, facilitates discussion

About Joanna Masingila

Joanna Masingila is Dean of the School of Education and Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education at Syracuse University. She was a Fulbright Scholar to Kenyatta University in 1998, and since that time Syracuse University and Kenyatta University have an institutional linkage.
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